Agri Roots

Authors Must Read Before Submitting an Article

  • In each monthly edition, articles would be published.
  • On the first week of each month, a new edition would be issued.
  • Authors would receive an advance copy of their paper within 1–7 working days in cases of urgency.
  • There must be an annual membership for each author of the article.
  • Once membership registration dues have been paid, each author will receive a membership certificate and individual membership ID.
  • Publication costs are entirely free for annual members. However, a small fee is retained if the co-authors are not annual or life members. For information, please see the page for publishing fees. A very low publication charge has been set for authors who are not members.
  • The Agri Roots e-Magazine will only publish popular articles and magazine stories that are submitted in the correct manner.
  • The articles must follow the guidelines for word format (.doc/.docx).
  • We have the right to reject any articles that are provided to us in an improper manner (FORMAT).
  • A specific date is listed at the bottom of the home page for each month. No articles will be submitted beyond the deadline since the page composer and designer require enough time to publish an issue.
  • PDF submissions of articles are not acceptable.
  • Articles shouldn’t exceed 2-4 pages in length.

Article Submission Deadline

  • 00Days
  • 00Hours
  • 00Minutes
  • 00Seconds

Things to keep in mind when submitting an article

  • 01

    Article must not include any plagiarism.

  • 02

    The author is accountable for any plagiarism.

  • 03

    Article must fit inside the allotted number of magazine pages (within 3-4 pages).

  • 04

    Article must follow the guidelines for our magazine.

  • 05

    Article has not been submitted to publications or appeared elsewhere.

  • 06

    Author accepts our magazine's policies, terms, and conditions.

  • 07

    Once an article is submitted, it cannot be changed. Thus, before submitting, authors are urged to exercise caution and certainty.