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Agri roots e-magazine is an open access monthly e-magazine (English language) that was started in the year of 2023 with the intention of disseminating knowledge about current technological advancements in agriculture and related fields. The magazine’s only objective is to give aspiring researchers, students, academics, and scientists a venue to exchange opinions about current issues. This e-magazine primarily focuses on the publication of well-known content for incredibly low costs.

Agri roots: e-magazine aims to publish the most recent knowledge in the fields of agriculture, horticulture, food science, biotechnology, and life science. This would aid in the global dissemination of scientific knowledge and the most recent discoveries. The many scientific disciplines of agriculture, agronomy, soil science, horticulture, genetics and plant breeding, biotechnology, pathology, plant protection, agriculture economics, extension, foodtechnology, weather and environment, fisheries, veterinary and animal husbandry, indigenous science-based technology and allied sciences are all welcome to submit new information, innovative technologies, and original articles to this e-magazine. this would be very helpful to get insight into the abundance of knowledge from scientific investigations conducted all around the world. Knowledge platforms are never used for business. The modest publication fees that are requested from authors go toward the maintenance of our website, design expenses, labor costs,
and other ancillary expenses.

Article Review Policy

A strong editorial and reviewer staff is present in our publication. When an article is submitted to our magazine, the managing editor reviews it under the editor-in- supervision chiefs to determine whether it should be published or not. The article is immediately rejected if it doesn’t follow our rules and has bad formatting. The article is submitted for publishing if it is well-written and of high quality. The manuscript is forwarded to a team of subject-specific editors and reviewers for corrections and comments if the editorial manager feels it may use some improvement. The articles are published in a forthcoming edition after being properly screened and corrected.

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